AromaYuth Aches -N-Pain Relief Oil


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Ayurvedic Aches-N-Pain Relief Oil is formulated to prevent joint, back, cervical, neck, shoulder, muscle pain, sprains, and strains. This oil is enriched with Eucalyptus Oil, Wintergreen Oil, Clove Oil, Camphor, Mint, and Turpentine Oil.


AromaYuth Aches-N-Pain Relief Oil is formulated with several herbal ingredients that help to overcome several aches & pains very quickly. The most important part is when it is applied, the solution spreads and absorbs deep into the skin and activates its ingredients to provide relief from pain with a calming effect. As it is an Ayurvedic pain relief oil, it is suitable for adults, children, and pregnant women.


  1. It has a major impact on feeble joints & weakened mobility.
  2. It removes the toxin & makes muscle more flexible.
  3. It regularizes proper blood circulation.
  4. It helps in controlling gout, rheumatoid arthritis, cervical & joint pains.
  5. It reduces backaches and several types of stiffness.
  6. It has a huge impact on controlling cervical pain, neck & shoulder pain, and strain.

Method of use: Message this solution gently on the effective part of the body till the place is warmed. For better results use this solution thrice a day up to three days minimum continuously.



Brand: AromaYuth

Model Name: Aches -N-Pain Relief Oil 100ml

Quantity: 100 ml

Form: Liquid

Container Type: Bottle

Application Area: Joints, Elbow, Neck, Muscle, Back, Fore arm, Knee, Shoulder: Ideal For Adults

Net Quantity: 100 ml


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